Grow your Business in 2013 by Tapping into MAREI’s Resources (or your local REIA group)

We all want to connect with someone . . . to grow our business . . .

. . . Potential Private Lenders

. . . Deal Finders

. . . People to buy our properties, notes or what ever.


One of the best ways I have found to connect is to educate.  I can educate on a topic that would appeal to the people I am trying to reach.  So for example if I wanted to connect with potential private lenders, I could teach about Self Directed IRAs, Coverdall Education Plans or other ways to make my money go to work.  If I want to connect with people to find me deals, I could offer education on real estate investing.

To provide Education I could speak at an even, write an article, share information.  But if I don’t have a  large group of people to share this information with, where can I find them?

YOUR best resource is to tap into those resources  that are already set up, already growing and already being marketed by someone else.

If we take Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors the local real estate investor association (REIA) in Kansas City.  They already have a presence and a large following as most REIAs across the country do.  They already have social media pages and they are always looking for great content for their newsletter, their blog and their social media pages.  So how can you tap into them.

Let’s take a look at one scenario, of you writing an article on your topic of expertise.

First write out a very well though out article on the subject that makes sense, teaches something and that you would be proud to share with the public.

You might first publish that article on your own blog with large graphics and then post a link back to that article on your blog on all of your social media pages.

How do you post to your social media pages?  I like to post a huge, bright, attention getting photo that includes an attention getting comment and a link to my article.  I want people to respond to the photo or the comment, even if they don’t read the article.  But ideally I do want them to read the article and comment.

But when I post to my Facebook Page for example, I only have 50 followers so I will not get a lot of results.

If I take that same post to say the Facebook Page or Group for MAREI, I am able to tap into the several 1000 followers that are there.  And potentially get a lot more results.

Second Example of RSVP to events.

In this scenario you are part of the social media group for MAREI.  When MAREI (or your local REIA) have an event, they invite you to the event.  Each and every time, you want to take the time to RSVP to that event and to leave a comment.  WHY???

Well if you do some work before hand, it can pay off and get more people to notice you as a mover and shaker that they want to get to know better.

Let’s take for example.  You join and join the group for your REIA on that site.  You take the time to optimize your personal profile on Meetup to show who you are and what you do.  When you join groups, you answer questions that the group asks to let people know more about you.  And when you RSVP to an event, you make a comment that puts you in a good light  and shows you are a mover and shaker and someone to get to know in your area of expertise.

You don’t even have to write an article.  If you are well read.  Share some of the articles, videos, blog posts and website that have helpful information and make insightful comments on all the social media pages for your local REIA.  You will share your knowledge without ever having to create anything new from scratch.

So, not to be marketing myself, but it helps if you have some reference.  Take a look at some of these pages and see how I am marketing my own company KCInvest.  I am by no means an expert in Social Media Marketing, but just taking a bit of time each week to put myself out there on social media has allowed me to get to know a lot of people I would not otherwise have met.  So study some of the movers and shakers in your own area and see what they are doing in social media and be willing to share your knowledge