Governor Nixon Veto MO SB 67

MO SB 67 & HB 1006

The Missouri Legislature had one issue left on July 14th, the final day for the final day for the Governor to take action on bills passed by the General Assembly.

The issue which the Governor vetoed was SB 67 which was a bill introduced by Sen. Mike Cunningham that made modifications to Court Fees.  This is important to because there was some language to be clarified on a landlord tenant rule introduced as HB 1006 by Rep. Gary Cross. that had made major changes in the law concerning evictions in MO.

When the Governor read the SB67, he did not belive that Court Fees could be used as a reveue stream and when he read the bill, it appeared that the court fees were to be used for maintaining and improving the jucicial system. it read as if Court Fees would be used as a revenue stream for costs associated with maintaining and improving various portions of the judicial system in the affected counties.

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