From KS Governor: 2015 State of Kansas Employer Survey

KS Office of the Governor


The Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors, a group of business men and women appointed by the Governor, has a keen interest in understanding the reality of the current business regulatory environment. They understand that compliance with regulations is important, but duplicate or onerous regulations and requirements can impact a business’s bottom line. To understand this on a factual basis versus an anecdotal basis, the Governor’s Council in concert with the Kansas Secretary of State and Department of Administration Secretary Jim Clark in his capacity as head of the Office of the Repealer, has developed a targeted survey so as to garner this information. The Office of the Repealer and Economic Advisors reached out to the Departments of Labor, Commerce, Agriculture, Health & Environment, and Revenue to prepare the survey. Each agency has provided input and questions to help them evaluate their interaction with businesses. This survey is targeted to identify possible bureaucracy and outdated or unnecessary regulations that businesses may encounter.

Therefore, we request your input and guidance to help us factually understand the true nature of this business component. Please go to click the link and enter your survey ID listed below to proceed. In order for you to be able to submit your response, please ensure that you have responded to all the pertinent questions in the survey.

The results will be presented in aggregate so that no individual response will be identifiable in the published results. Responses from employers in all industries and size classes are important to the production of high quality information.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter. Your input can have a direct impact on making Kansas a better place to do business.

Survey ID: Your Businesses’ FEIN number is your Survey ID.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call 866-270-2873

                                                           Sam Brownback
                                                           Governor of Kansas