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All members of MAREI receive a website with their membership.  It has all the basic stuff that the average real estate investor would need to get a website up and running in about 30 minutes.  It’s great to market properties and collect seller leads.  Plus all the properties you post to your site get pushed out to the website, several of the MAREI social media pages like facebook and twitter and we also email out once to the entire database (if not more).

Anyway, our provider offers a premium website and they are having a Demo of the premium site on Wednesday from 3 to 4pm.  If you have been looking for a website solution for your investing business, while the basic one is great, you might find you have use for all the tools that come with the premium site.  So check out the webinar below.

Learn how to use the tools available in the Premium Website Membership package to help you calculate your offer on the next:

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Date:   Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Time:  3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Central Time
  • Rehab
  • Wholesale
  • Lease Option
  • Subject 2

Estimating Rehabs is Fun and Easy:
Time is money and the Rehab Estimator Tool will simplify the process of calculating the cost of rehabbing with accuracy so you can get to the MAO (Maximum Available Offer) quickly.

Do you love negotiating, or hate the thought of overcoming objections?
The Seller Net Sheet is designed to assist you in either case. Let the Seller Net Sheet do the hard work for you. The seller will not be able to object to the net, because we are using the seller’s numbers, not ours. I’ll show you on this webinar how easy it is to get the seller to agree to the numbers when you use the Seller Net Sheet to show the seller all the costs involved in selling their property and what the true net is after it is all said and done. The results are so shocking that some sellers will actually be glad to give you their house for free, and in some cases, even pay you to take it off their hands.

Need to build a buyers List?
The Co-operative marketing feature is designed to help you do just that by allowing you to market other peoples properties to build your own buyers list, and at the same time, earn a wholesale or assignment fee for doing so.

Want your properties automatically marketed across the internet and directly to motivated buyers?
Premium Members get their property leads emailed to local investors who are looking to buy and are working with motivated home buyers. You properties are also syndicated across the net on sites like Yahoo, Zillow, Trulia, oodle, Hot Properties and Facebook groups/pages just to name a few.

These are just a few of the tools that we will be covering on this webinar, so make sure and register now and block this time on your calendar.

Register for this Free Webinar Now!

Date:   Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Time:  3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Central Time

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