FREE Books for your digital device

You are committed to learning more about  . . .

  • success in business
  • entrepreneurship
  • real estate and real estate investing

We have found a virtually FREE resource for most of the members of MAREI.


If you are a Realtor and a member of the National Association of Realtors which about half of all MAREI members are Realtors, then you can log into your account to find out how to set this up on your computer  or digital device . . all it takes is your NRDS number.  They have 1000s of books on success, business and real estate.

You will also find that many libraries across the country are members, here in Kansas City, if you join the local Kansas City Public Library, you can get instructions from there to access OverDrive.

And many major corporations are members allowing their employees access to their system.

So check with your local library, your company or trade association and find out if you can access. . . the first book that came up for me was the Landlord Guide from Mr Landlord Jeffrey Taylor.