Follow a Home Rehab in Prairie Village


Prairie Village Rehab

So here’s the deal.  Way back in 2010 Don Tucker and his team rehabbed a house in Prairie Village and with our brand new smart phones, we photographed and video taped much of the process.

What makes this house unique is that it needed everything:  Roof, Siding, Foundation, Stinky, Water Damage, Wall Rebuilding, Landscaping, Stinky, Windows, Kitchen, Bathroom, Did We mention Stinky.

Anyway if you have never seen a house rehab in progress, we invite you check out the progress in this case study:

The Numbers:

Purchase for $82,000 through a local bank contact.

Sold for $227,000

  • Paid $ 5500 of buyers closing costs
  • Paid $13,620 in Real Estate Commisison
  • Paid $92,000 in Renovations Approximately
  • Paid $3,000 in Holding Costs Approximately
  • Paid $1,000 in Settlement Fees Approximately
  • Owned for 200 days
  • Profit $30,000 Approximately
  • Note exact figures are in a computer that has long since retired and we are working from memory on these numbers

This home was in need of a complete and total rehab including foundation repairs, rebuilding of walls, windows, siding, roof, concrete patio, new floors and did we mention it smelled so bad you could not spent to long in the house.  We estimated repairs at about $80,000.

We blogged this entire rehab:

By the way, Don Tucker will be one of our panelists at the May 10th MAREI meeting where we are hosting a Rehabber Q & A.  Please join us, details posted here.