Five Ways to Become Famous! At least in Real Estate Circles!

“I need private money!” “I need a private partner!”

As a REIA group leader, I here those two statements all the time and they are followed up by the fact that they are just getting started. They have done some deals. They know some stuff. But they don’t know how to approach others and present themselves as the expert that they almost have become.

My response is almost always, “You need to become famous!”

They of course always think I am being funny, but I am not.

Think about it in your own little circle. Who has all the private partners to do all the deals they want? The person that every one knows, not the guy or gal sitting in the corner that never talks to anyone.

So how do you become famous?

Well this article is going to be a case study for MAREI’s next months Guest Speakers, specifically Andrew & Bill Syrios.  He and his family have been taking steps to become famous in the circles where they network so they can build their own credibility.  Now they are coming in to talk about Buy and Hold Real Estate – their expertise, however I would love it if they would spend 20 minutes of their workshop on the 21st on Becoming Famous.

So let’s run through a few things that they have done.

1.  Build a Website to show how famous you are.  They have some great websites devoted to what they do – Buy and Hold Real Estate.  But on their websites they have taken the time to share their knowledge by posting videos of them teaching about buy and hold real estate.

2.  Teach others.  Now to get videos of you teaching others, you first have to take the time to teach others.  We see several MAREI members doing just that by taking out their trusty cell phone and video taping themselves sharing how they walk through a house, how they do something on their rehab, how they secure the property or what ever.  They are sharing their knowledge in a very simple way of teaching and posting it on YouTube and then on their own websites.  Bill Syrios took the time to teach at his local REIA and recorded the classes to make videos to go out on social media and on their own websites.

3.  Write Articles.  Andrew Syrios has taken this to a great level.  He has gone to several different well respected online Real Estate sites and has written articles to be posted on those sites.  Places like and Bigger Pockets.  When you write educational articles with the intent of sharing knowledge, not advertising, you get picked up and posted online.  Andrew has even become a featured poster on Bigger Pockets, which means he writes the article and posts it, they then email it out in their daily emails.  So what do you write about, check out Andrews Page to get some ideas.

4.  Volunteer.  Andrew also takes the time to volunteer at MAREI.  Where ever he can help, he is always willing.  This has landed him as a guest panelist at several of our meetings and he even volunteered to be auctioned off as an Expert last year when we were raising funds for Harvesters.

5..  See and Be Seen.  Not only do you want to share your knowledge online through videos and articles and teach where and when you can, like speaking at a meeting or teaching a live workshop, but also by attending presentations and trainings of others.  Experts are always willing to learn more and by attending and supporting other peoples events you can connect even more and get to be well know.

So get out of your shell.

Think about what you know and what you can share.

Get out there and start sharing.