Evictions, Affordable Housing, Inspections – Someone Needs to Do Something

Are you a landlord in Kansas City Missouri?

Are you paying attention?

There are many groups out there who are after all that money you have socked away from your pot of gold rental properties.

First:  There is an epidemic of evictions across the entire Kansas City Metro and researchers think that it is a highly profitable business to be a powerful landlord who allows tenants to move in to turn around and evict them a couple of months later.

Second:  Because the landlord in the Kansas City Metro does not fix a single thing in his rental properties, especially the leaks that cause mold, the chipping peeling lead paint piling up on the floors, and lack of functioning electric or heat . . . yes, it’s your fault the gas was turned off and the furnace does not work . . . so you not only need to register but if many tenant advocacy groups have their way you will need to get a license and have your rental units inspected.   Some cities like Independence have their law and all units need to be inspected periodically, Kansas City wants to inspect upon complaint – this was stopped last fall, but look for it on the April Ballot and Lees Summit wants to inspect between tenants.

Third:   Just this week,  a new “2nd Chance”  employment and housing ordinance passed out of the KCMO Infrastructure and Transportation Committee to be taken up by the full City Council next week for final adoption. With few subjective exceptions,  the measure sharply restricts a landlord’s discretion to deny a renter’s application based solely on criminal background history.

Fourth:  While state law prohibits rent control, the tenant advocacy groups want to not only register you, license you, inspect you, they want you to regulate how much the market charges for rent.

You may not work in Kansas City Missouri, you may invest, hold or flip in other cities and other metros, but unless you step up and get involved your city must might kill your business while you are not paying attention.