Do you know of any houses for rent?

Hey, Kim here at MAREI . . .

It seems that 3 or 4 times a year I get one or two weeks of people calling me and emailing me with a friend or client who is looking for a place to rent or rent to own.  I guess because I buy and flip houses and coordinate the MAREI events, I should have some magical power to be all knowing and not only know everyone and their phone number, but also know everything that everyone has for rent.

Sorry,  I can remember a lot of things . . . what happened 4 years ago, someones email address or face.

I have a really hard time remembering names.  I put phone numbers into a database, but I still start just about every phone with a search on Google.

And when it comes to houses for rent, I have no idea.  I don’t shop houses for rent, I don’t have a database, nothing.

When I rented a house a year or so ago, I went to  and out of that expereience at least I knew one house that was going to be for rent a week before it went on Zillow because we were moving out.

So I am very sorry, but I can’t help you or your friend find a place to rent.  I can offer up some resources.

  1. in the for rent section.
  2. is another great site that many property managers use to manage their properties for rent, please note that MAREI members get a discount to post properties here and I beleive when you post on that it will syndicate the listing to places like Zillow.
  3. is also a great place, but you do need to watch for scams, however you will find many a listing that comes from a member of MAREI that you know and trust, who may not make it to or Zillow.
  4. has a lot of homes for sale or rent groups, you can search there for homes for rent or make a post about what you are looking for in a rental, or do both.  Just log into Facebook and search homes for rent kansas city and you will find a bunch of groups to work with.
  5. MAREI has a Facebook Group – Kansas City Real Estate Investors, you could also post what you are seeking there.
  6. Property Managers – we have quite a few property managers that advertise with MAREI.  I would seek out their website and see what they have for rent.

I am very sorry, but other than these suggestions, I really can’t help you find a property for rent.