Direct Mail? Bandit Signs? Car Wraps? Stalking Craigslist? NO WAY!

I often get calls from people wanting to know where my leads come from . . . buyer, seller, investor, etc .

Do I look for houses for sale signs, ads, etc ? . . . No

Do I have I buy houses wraps on my cars or contractors trucks? . . . No

Do I drive around and put Bandit Signs all over?  . . . No

Direct Mail?  . . . . Just a small amount.

So where do I get my leads?  My website and social media.

Social Media and Real Estate

We maintain two separate websites one that markets for buyers ( and one that markets for sellers or rather investors ( where we collect contact information and we write information articles.  Big deal, who is going to find these websites . . . probably no one.

But using these various blog posts as “content”I then push this content out to my social media as well as ads I place on Craigslist that drive people back to my website, where I can then get them to give me contact information.

So what do I write about?

Well on the I talk about how we work, type of deals we buy, issues that sellers have and need to solve, example deals we have purchased and feedback from sellers.  On the website I talk about different investors topics such as Ways to Finance a Deal, Self Directed IRAs, Ways to Renovate, Working with Contractors, Getting Started and more.

We then use those blog posts for content for some of our social media posts.

We also just create post to our social media that includes

  • Post about our houses
  • Posts about from outside resource like or Zillow on how to sell houses for our seller site.
  • Post from outside sources about real estate, the economy and investing for our investor buyer site.

I look to competitor sites and social media to see what they are doing.

I try to follow a lot of social media experts and what they recommend for social media marketing.  These are experts in social media, not necessarily real estate investing.

One expert I came across last week is Andrea Vahl who has some great free resources to get you started with Social Media.