Did you get a part of the $161,000 in Rebates paid to MAREI Members?

Home Depot Update

It’s that time of year . . . time to update your Home Depot Accounts to make sure you are getting all the rebates that you should be.
Let me share my story . . . We went to the Home Depot and purchased some items for a clean up project on a house in South Kansas City.  I waited for my email receipt and didn’t get one.  You see my rewards account is set up that any time we spend money at the Home Depot on one of our registered accounts, we get an email.  And we didn’t get one, on any of our 3 trips to the Home Depot that day.
The next day I logged into my ProExtra account and checked all my debit and credit cards registered and found that none of our current cards that we use at the Home Depot were registered. . . we seem to get a whole new set of some kind of card every 6 months and this particular card had not been registered.
So that means the $150 I spent did not get tracked for any of my rebates.
Moral of the Story . . right now, or as soon as you as possible, collect all your debit and credit cards, log into your ProExtra account and make sure you have them all in there.  Be sure to use our Agreement Code so you get your 2% Rebate.
If you are not yet registered for your 2% rebate on everything you spend at the Home Depot, then click here for a registration form, download, fill it out and email it back.  We will get you all set up.
Note that here in Kansas City, MAREI members spent over $8 Million with the Home Depot from July 1 to December 31st 2015.  Those members received over $161,000 in rebates for that time frame.
By the way, do you know someone who could use 2% back for every dollar spent at the Home Depot?  Tell them about MAREI and invite them to join.  If they are really into real estate investing and want to connect and network at our meetings and training events, then they should join, it’s only $99 a year, meaning they need to spend a little over $6,000 a year at the Home Depot to see value.  If they spend over $6,000 a month, they would be getting a large rebate back this time next year.
Thanks for being a member and I will see you at the MAREI Meeting next Tuesday May 10th.  We are going to be talking Rehabbing Houses.  Get all the details byclicking here.
Kim Tucker
Founder of MAREI