• Anderson, Julie

    Julie Anderson

    Julie Anderson graduated from William Jewell College, magna cum laude, in 2000 and the University of Missouri-Columbia Law School in 2004. She is admitted to practice law in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, the United States Eastern and Western District Courts of Missouri, the United States District Court of Kansas, and the United States Bankruptcy Courts in Kansas and Missouri.

    Anderson is a former judicial law clerk and served as an assistant to United States Senator Chuck Hagel in Washington D.C. She was also a summer associate to Kenneth Feinberg, the Special Master of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund in New York, NY.

    In 2010, she was chosen as one of Missouri’s “Up and Coming” young attorneys. In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 she was named a Thompson Reuters “Super Lawyer” and in 2015 as one of Kansas City Business Journal’s “Best of the Bar.” Her previous activities in the Bar include being a member of the Board of Directors of the Young Lawyers Section of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association (KCMBA), and as a member of both the Association of Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City and the Creditor Rights Asset Protection organization. She is an active member in the Junior League of Kansas City, a former board member of the Westport Regional Business League, and has served in other leadership roles in various community organizations.

    Ms. Anderson is presently the managing partner at The Law Offices of Anderson & Associates, a full-service law firm concentrating its practice in Missouri and Kansas debt collection, landlord tenant law, foreclosure and creditor-related litigation.

  • Chara, Anthony

    Anthony Chara

    Anthony Chara is a seasoned Real Estate investor that has successful investing and property management experience dating back to 1993. After 16 years working for a fortune 500 company and traveling extensively it was time for a change.  Mr. Chara gave up his lucrative Area Manager position in which he managed 35 electronic technicians in 7 states and a $3M budget so he could spend less time traveling and more time creating wealth for his family. He started and sold several service oriented companies until turning to Real Estate investing full time in 2001.

    Presently, he’s managing partner of Apartment Mentors, LLC and founder of Success Classes, LLC. He has owned or managed several successful multi-million dollar companies during the last 20+ years. Mr. Chara owns properties in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas.

    He has mentored several thousand aspiring RE investors. Mr. Chara also volunteers and supports several worthy charities such as the American Red Cross, Denver Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity and the Wounded Warrior Project.

    Mr. Chara turned to Apartments full time in 2004. He owns and/or has syndicated approximately 1600 apartment units around the country. These units range from 31 units in 1 complex in Pennsylvania to 410 units in 4 complexes in Indianapolis. His most recent acquisitions include a 3-complex portfolio totaling 120 units in Dayton, OH (July, 2013), a 100 unit complex in Longview, TX (April, 2015), and a 31 unit complex in Pottstown, PA (January, 2016).

    In 2005, Mr. Chara decided to capitalize on recent RE market trends to offer superior technical training to RE Investors specifically targeting commercial investing with an emphasis on Apartment complexes. Mr. Chara’s techniques teach people how to become wealthy ‘deliberately’ using Apartments to generate massive cash flow and ‘forced’ appreciation.

    Having reviewed several other gurus in the marketplace that specialize in Apartments, he set out to design and implement the best quality Apartment Investing training class in the market today. He taught his first class in September, 2006, and he believes very strongly, based on the testimonials that he’s received, that he has achieved this goal.

    Along with teaching students how to purchase Apartments on their own, Mr. Chara also realized that many of these same students either wouldn’t have the time to find and purchase Apartments or would still be afraid to pull the trigger. Therefore, he has created several investment groups and raised over 5 million dollars used to fund the acquisition of many of the aforementioned properties.

    Even though Mr. Chara has been managing his own single family renters since 1993, he realized that he would not have the time to manage all of these Apartment units around the country and has subsequently hired professional management companies to oversee all of his holdings. His focus is to manage the property managers that oversee these properties while continuing to teach more students how to become just as, or more successful than himself, and purchase additional complexes with these students and other investors alike.



  • Jones-Cox, Vena

    Vena Jones-Cox

    An active, full-time, third-generation real estate entrepreneur for a quarter century, been a principal in well over eight (800+) hundred deals and her business still does dozens of transactions per year

    • Co-founder and portfolio manager of the Restructure Opportunity Fund, LLC, a boutique private equity group specializing in asset-backed, high-yield alternative investment strategies
    • Multiple-time past president of the Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati (REIA of GC), the Ohio Real Estate Investors Association (OREIA) and the National Real Estate Investors Association (NaREIA), plus she’s current president of Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs (COREE)
    • A frequently-requested guest speaker at real estate investment associations throughout North America, and where she particularly enjoys working with new investors
    • The subject of feature articles in publications including recently Community Investor, Reuters newswire, The Cincinnati Business Journal, and The Cincinnati Enquirer
    • The host of public radio¡¦s Real Life Real Estate Investing for over fifteen years, a popular live weekly call-in program and a top-rated rated iTunes podcast on the topic
    • A guest lecturer at The Cato Institute think tank in Washington, D.C. on the negative effects of government over-regulation on private investors
    • Featured as one of just twenty-one elite investors nationwide in Gary Keller’s (co-founder of Keller-Williams) best-selling book The Millionaire Real Estate Investor
    • A prolific author of articles on a wide range of real estate investment subjects for many newsletters and publications, including her own
    • A licensed real estate broker in Ohio for nearly two decades
  • Pickron, David

    David Pickron

    For 25+ years, David Pickron has been working to make the process of finding and managing tenants easier. Drawing on his own experiences as a real estate investor, and thousands of interactions with his clients, he developed a series of custom solutions to help rental owners protect themselves, their properties, and the health of their ongoing investments.

    A world-class creator and technology junkie, David brings two decades of experience as a licensed private investigator to ISC. During that phase of his career, he learned that prevention is the best medicine when it comes to dealing with dangerous or unreliable individuals.

    As a self-professed control freak and active investor, David often found himself re-imagining the tenant/landlord relationship. He started to envision a mobile-friendly renter screen program that would entail no more cords, no more paperwork, and no more problems. To that end, he has developed numerous products that help landlords navigate the tenant screening, property management, and eviction process seamlessly. He follows a simple mantra: “Pay a little more attention up front, and you will likely save yourself a painful, expensive experience later.”

    Away from ISC, David has funneled his drive and passion into a number of projects over the years. In fact, it’s not unusual to find him awake at the computer at 3 AM, working on a new software platform or Little League lineup – and loving every minute of it. He loves being the father of two teenage sons and a soon-to-be-teen daughter, and can often be found serving the community through the Boy Scouts of America and the Tumbleweed Youth Homeless Shelters Project.