May Webinar Series:

Collecting Back Rent

with Cynthia Schmidt

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With a record turn out and interest in Cynthia Schmidt’s  ”Collecting Back Rent” presentation in March.

We have arranged for a more in depth look into  how the process works with the most knowledgeable lady in the business!

Cynthia Returns to MAREI this May with a four part webinar series.

If you want to know what you NEED to do with your non-paying tenants make sure you  aren’t missing out on this opportunity.

Information: MAREI is offering Part 1 of this webinar series FREE to all members and non-members. Parts 2, 3 , and 4 can be purchased from the MAREI Onlien Calender

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Webinar Schedule:May 1st (thursday), May 6th (tuesday), May 14th (wednesday). May 20th (tuesday)

Part 1:

Introduction brief overview

Tuesday May 1st 12 pm- 1 pm

Part 2:

The Eviction Process 

Tuesday May 6th 12 pm – 1 pm

Part 3: 

Small Claims, Wage Garnishment, Bank Levy, Levy on Personal Property 

Wednesday May 14th 12 pm – 1pm

Part 4:

 Subpoena Order to  Appear, Rule to Show Cause, Contempt of Court, Assignment of Judgments. 

Tuesday May 20th 12 pm- 1 pm


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The Schmidt’s have been Landlords for over 20 years with 90 satisfied judgments,  and collected over $200,000 in back rent. They, graciously offered to come join us in our home town to educate MAREI investors on how to collect back rent and on judgments.

Their company: Collect Back Rent, LLC, is a nationally, renown company that offers self-paced study courses to teach landlords the steps to collect the back rent due. In addition to study courses, Collect Back Rent also offers live workshops to help solidify the teachings in the study courses.

Learn More About Cynthia and Gary HERE! 

Check out these two interviews with “Mrs. Landlady” Cynthia Schmidt who will be in KC March 11th. She is an expert of Collecting Back Rent and on Judgments

Cynthia #1
Cynthia #2