Cheapest Way to Hire an Assistant – Hire a Call Services’s face it 95% of all the members of MAREI are a small business.

They are landlords or wholesalers, or Realtors or lenders and they work from their home or a small office.

They have a ton to do and seem to wear many hats, but at some point, you have to say, “I Need Help!”

That means you need to find someone to help you with all of the many little details and one of the easiest is getting the phone answered.

Now, you could go out and hunt for a VA that can answer your phone and input data and you will probably have to train them and maybe go through two or three before you find the right one.  But when it comes to answering phone calls there is a VA out there who has already been trained by countless investors.  He or She specializes in answering the phone and following scripts and entering data, saving you time and getting your customer calls answered.

This person is PatLive and the numerous employees they train to answer your phone.

They have shared with us a guide that shares the 7 Ways PatLive can Save You Money and they have provided us with a link that will give you a FREETrial and a discounted subscription should you move forward: click here