Changes Coming at Home Depot for Member Discounts

Home Depot 5% Cash Back

Exciting news! For all MAREI members who have signed up for the 2% Rebate at the Home Depot in Kansas City & Memphis, there is a new trial benefit already in place for you. . . .

Starting January 25th, the Volume Pricing/Bid Room program and Pro Xtra Paint Rewards will be replaced with our new Cash Back benefit. You will now be eligible to get up to 5% cash back on all in-store, online and special order purchases. You may use any registered credit card/payment type, your Pro Xtra phone number or registered key tags at checkout to get credit for purchases.

You can get your key tags by calling 1-844-GET-XTRA (1-844-438-9872​)

So what this means is that if you used the 20% Discount on Paint, it is no longer available.

And if you showed them a Lowes credit card at check out to get 5% off, they will not do that any longer either.

If you built a list of products and took it to the Bid Room or the Pro Desk to get a discount figured and place the order, you can no longer do that either.

However based on what you spend at the Home Depot, you can earn up to 5% Cash Back, paid Quarterly and for this discount, every store in the Kansas City and Memphis markets will know about the discount and be able to help you.

Home Depot 5 % Rebate

So here is how the 5% rebate works.  First if you were already in the 2% program, you still get this and you are already signed up for this extra 5%.
If you spend up to $19,999 in the first quarter, you will get 1% Cash Back at the end of the Quarter.
If you spend up to $50,000 in the first quarter, you will get up to 5% Cash Back at the end of that Quarter and for every Quarter going forward for the year.
When the new year rolls around, you will start out the year based on the Tier you were on the final quarter for the previous year, so if you had reach Teir 3 in 2016, you would start 2017 on Teir 3.  If you don’t maintain that $50,000 or more spend in 2017, then they would move you down to the appropriate year starting in 2018.  Hope this makes sense.
Again, if you are already signed up for the 2% Rebate, you are already set up for this program too.
However, if this is all new you would need to get signed up for the 5% Rebate and for the exclusive 2% extra through MAREI – details are in the Membership Guide found on in your downloads section.

To sign up for the 5% Program and Learn more about it – click here or go to your local Pro Desk beginning 1/25/2016. Plus, please sign-on to your account to confirm your mailing address is accurate as a physical check will be mailed to you quarterly.

As a Pro Xtra member you have access to Xtra services like 2 years of purchase tracking by job, PO, location & date, as well as simplified phone sales with text notifications and approvals.

But Wait . . . THERE IS MORE!

There is also a new Fuel Card where you can earn gas discounts at area Shell Stations based on your purchases at the Home Depot.  Get the details click here