Can I do the Note Business without a lot of Money

Are there Private Lenders in the Note Business?

So how can you fund your Note Business?  At Eddie Speed’s NoteSchool, the students at events and mentor students on their 4 weekly training calls spend a lot of time discussing raising capital.  We talk about case study after case study, how to present yourself to anxious money and how to borrow from one person or to build your own capital fund.

So do you need a lot of your own money to do the note business?  Well, you do need some funding to get started, by when you utilize OPM, your ROI shoots up.

Want to learn more . . . then join us in January to learn how to be the active investor or maybe the passive investor.

Eddie Speed will be in Kansas City January.  He will be bringing all of NoteSchool’s Stats to share with us the State of the Industry on the 13th at the MAREI Meeting.  He will be coming back on Saturday the 24th for an all Day Seminar to discuss Why Real Estate Investor’s Need to Learn the Note Business and to Explain the Basics.