Call to Action on Tenants Right to Decline: Support Missouri HB1510

Missouri HB 1510 is a law to give Tenants in the State of Missouri the right to decline and interior inspection if the local city ordinance has mandatory interior inspections.  It will not stop the requirement for interior inspections on residential rental units, but it will give the tenant the right to say no, without retaliation from the city or the landlord.

This law was introduced by Representative Gary Cross of Lees Summit. This bill is in General Laws and had its public hearing on February 13th.  The committee voted HCS Voted Do Pass on the 20th.  It was then sent to the House for the next 2 steps Perfection and a Vote.  We will need the support of 82 Members of the House for this to pass the House.  So we need all our Members, Friends of Missouri POA and even your tenants to reach out to your own Representatives and tell them about 1510 and ask them to support it.

Call to Action on Tenants Right to Decline: Support Missouri HB1510 – in the next few days.


Action 1:  Email or Call your Personal Missouri Representative

Email, Call or personally visit your own Member of the Missouri House of Representatives to tell them to expect HB1510 to be coming to them for a vote and tell them why you support it.  Or stop by their office in Jefferson City or in their local office when they are there.


Action 2:  Share with your Contacts

Please take the time to share this information with your contacts.  If you know other property owners and voters in Missouri please ask them to reach out to their own Representative and possibly attend the hearing to speak in favor of the Bill.

Action 4:  Do you have a Connection in the Senate?

If all goes well, this will be passed to the Missouri Senate.  We will need a few Senators to be in favor of our issue.  If you have personal connections to any Missouri Senators, please tell them about HB1510 and ask for them to watch for it to be sent to the Senante soon.

Talking Points

ONE:  HB1510 would Protect the 4th Amendment Rights:  The 4th Amendment to the Constitution protects all citizens against unreasonable search and seizure.  This includes owner-occupants of homes they own as well as tenants in rental homes.  Having a Mandatory Interior Inspection on all rental properties violates the tenant’s 4th Amendment Rights and has been struck down by courts in other states as Unconstitutional.  HB1510 would give the Tenant the right to decline or accept an interior inspection required by the city or county (Political Subdivision)

TWO:  HB1510 would not Force Landlords to Help Violate the 4th Amendment: Having a license for the rental property owner that is dependant on the lawful occupant of the property allowing City Approved Inspectors into their home puts the property owner in a bad position.  If the tenant refuses the inspection, the property owner is left with two options in many cities, evict the tenant and find a new one or operate the rental unlawfully without a license.  HB1510 would allow the property owner to maintain a business license for rental property, even if the lawful occupant refuses Inspection.

THREE:  HB1510 Does Not Stop already Mandated Inspections:  Modeled after a law in the state of Kansas that has been in effect for several years, House Bill 1510 would not prohibit inspection programs of any kind, it would just afford the Lawful Occupant their right to choose.  The city would still have a certificate of occupancy inspections on new builds and major renovations, still have inspections related to work permits for things like electrical upgrades, plumbing upgrades or roof replacements.  The city codes and health inspector could still inspect any home upon the occupant’s request.  The only inspection it would prohibit would be an interior inspection of a rental property that the lawful occupant has declined.

FOUR:  Please Support HB1510 and Protect the Tenants Right to Decline Inspection

Find Your Own Representative  Click Here

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