Call to Action: Missouri Vacation Rentals & Interior Inspections

The Confused Mind Does Nothing!

If you are a voter in Missouri or if you own property in Missouri, I ask you to read this and then PLEASE take action.


First up in Independence and many other areas across the state, cities have enacted or are working to enact Interior Inspections.  Our group Missouri POA working with Missouri Representative Gary Cross got HB1189 Introduced that would prohibit interior inspections without the consent of the rental tenant.  A group of us went to Jefferson City to testify in committee in support of HB1189 and the Missouri Realtors were there to support it as well.


It was passed out of committee, however rather than taking it to the house and voting on it, it was added to a bill that we oppose, HB 608.  This is a total mess and would open the door for a lot of brand new rules and regulations for Vacation Rental Owners.  Not a big deal for most in St Louis or Kansas City, but much of the rest of the state from the Lake Areas, River Vacation Spots and Antique and Wine Country towns generate revenue with Vacation Rentals and this legislation has the potential to devastate the industry in Missouri.  The Missouri Vacation Rental Owners Association has been working to oppose this legislation and going up against Expedia and Home Away, which are supporting the bill on behalf of the Hotel Industry.  The Missouri Board of Realtors oppose this bill as well.


So the quandary, we OPPOSE HB 608, but they are trying to get those who support 1189 to support HB608 by adding our bill into the other one.  We must have led a very vocal grass roots campaign in support of 1189, so they are hoping we might as citizens of MO reach out to support the bad bill in 608 to get the 1189 portion we want.


Personally, I think we should still OPPOSE HB 608 and get it killed in the next 20 or so days we have left and start over next year.  We have a couple of advisors who think we may not be able to get anything passed next year with it being an election year.


We have a very easy way to oppose HB608 and it takes less than 60 seconds.  The Missouri Realtors have created a one click, online call to action.  You can click, put in your contact data, and click send to send an email asking your Representative to Oppose HB608.  You can also personalize the email by letting them know you are not happy that they added the HB1189 text.

“I am not happy that two different bills were combined.  Adding HB1189 to beginning of HB 608 in section 67.5055 is wrong.  Trying to gain support for a bad bill in 608 by adding text to give Missouri rental tenants 4th Amendment Rights is just wrong.  Please oppose this bill and we can try again next year.”


Click Here to Access the Missouri Realtor Call to Action

Here is what I am have done, and I ask you to think about it and follow my lead or follow your own heart and mind.


  • I clicked on the link and sent an email to my representative to Oppose HB608, but let him know that I supported the text of HB1189.
  • 2)  Then I reached out to  the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, a non-profit group that took an Ohio Interior Inspection Law to court and won.  Ask them to take a look at the Interior Inspection Law in Independence or your city – if they get enough support from us in Missouri, Maybe they will take Independence on and get Interior Inspections struck down by the courts.
  • 3) Either way, find a way to support Gary Crossfor Senate next year as he is a huge advocate for the Missouri Property Owner.  He will need not only your vote, but also your dollars in support.


Please do not be a confused mind.  Educate Yourself and #DoSomeThing !



Kim Tucker
MAREI Founder