Business Associate Spotlight: Rachel Bailey with

Rachel Bailey

You will find her at
Courthouses Around
The Metro

and at

Real Estate Investor Events

Call her at:  (816) 797-6875 is focused exclusively on the sale of residential bank-owned and foreclosure properties.  That means they market and manage foreclosure auctions at the courthouse and when no one buys the house at the sale, they manage the sale of bank-owned properties as well.

If you are looking for new sources of properties in the area, be sure to register as a buyer at

Learning How it All Works

Step 1:  Register as a buyer at and read the emails they send to you.

Step 2:  Visit their Online Learning Center where they Guide You Through the Process

More Questions

  1.  Talk to Rachel and her coworkers at MAREI.  They usually have a vendor table, look for the green shirts.
  2. Call Rachel with questions at 816-797-6875
  3. Watch for the workshops that Rachel and her team offer from time to time.
  4. Follow Rachel on Facebook


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