Build it and they will come . . . Not so much? Places to Advertise Your Website.

 You have spent some money developing the perfect website.  But until Google tells someone to go to your website, how do you get people to find it?

There is a wealth of information, but you have to get people there, and to do that you need to advertise your website.  Often times with a teaser to people to go there for something special – a special report, a special list, to see photos of your work, a video of your latest house, what ever.

So where do you advertise your site and your teaser item or items?

1.  Your business cards

When ever you network, you always have a business card at hand to share.  When you send out mailings  you can tuck a business card into the letter.  Be sure to include all your contact information and your website.

2.  Giveaway Items

One of the cheapest things you can buy for a giveaway is a nice pen.  It it is a good one, that works well, it will be used until it stops writing, so be sure to include your website down the side of it.  And if you want to spend a bit more money, there are 100’s of items you can buy and include your website.

3.  Signs

For sale signs, we buy houses signs, contractor signs, etc.  If you have business that demands a sign, be sure to include your website so people can go learn more.

4.  Single Property Websites

When you have a house for sale, you can also create a special website for each and every house.  Be sure to include your main website on these single property sites.

5.  Social Media

You have a Facebook Page, a Twitter Feed and Google Plus page. Be sure to include your contact information including your PHONE NUMBER and your WEB SITE.  So many people miss both of these and loose out because beside the social media there is no way for a potential client to find them.

6.  Comments on Blogs or Forums

These days you can find 100s and 100s of articles on every topic under the sun.  When you take the time to comment, many time the comment forms leave a place for you to include your name and your website so people can find you.

7.  Guest Content

You could write an article for MAREI’s Blog, for Bigger Pockets, for Active Rain or 100’s of other sites.  In the about you section be sure to include your website.

8.  Print Ads

Really, you could put an ad in a magazine or a newspaper .  Be sure to include your website.

9.  Flyers & Brochures

If you create a flyer, a brochure or any other marketing piece, also include your website.

10.  Direct Mail

You can create letters to send to a targeted group of people.  Including your website provides them with access to you, 24-7, with out them having to actually talk to you first.