Bonuses from Vena

We know you want to make the $5k to $10 in the next month and we know you want to find more deals NOW!  We know you don’t want to wait until the March events to learn.  And while we can’t speed up time, we can get you some information . . . NOW!!

You see Vena is passionate about her real estate investing business, about helping others get started the right way and keeping the idiots who don’t know what they are doing from screwing up her business . . . Let’s explain . . . so many new investors watch a video and decide they want to be a real estate investor . . . a wholesaler . . . because come one, how hard can it be . . . find a house that someone wants to sell low and then find a buyer who wants to buy high, put them all together in a room and bingo $5k to $10k profit . . . what could be easier . . . . EXCEPT

  1.  Finding the seller takes a lot of work, sure one deal might fall in your lap, but the next one and the next one takes a systematic approach.
  2. Most new wholesalers offer too much, tie up the property and they can’t sell it. . . . making it harder for the rest of us.
  3. Many new wholesalers have no idea of repairs and they represent them as being $5,000 in repair when in actuality they should be $20,000 .  . . wasting everyone’s time and making it harder for the good, experienced wholesalers out there.
  4. Many wholesalers find the seller and they find the buyer but they have no idea how to do the paperwork or to get paid,.
  5. Last, many a wannabe wholesaler are breaking the law and just don’t know it . . . and until they figure out how to do it legally . . . they might not get paid, they might get in trouble and well the wholesale police might find their way to Kansas City soon and no one wants that.

So please plan on attending the training events in March – the MAREI meeting on the 13th and the Saturday Workshop on the 24th!

So because we know you don’t want to wait and you want to get started NOW!  Provide us with a name and an email and we will send you Vena’s training videos on Wholesaling plus her written guidebooks:  Understanding Wholesaling and How to Get Rich: