Are you on Meetup?

One great way to connect with others with similar interests to you is to find a live networking group that meets in your area.  If you are not sure what is meeting in your area or you are looking for a quick way to start a group that meets, then check out

MAREI's Meetup

There are literally 1000s of meetups across the country and internationally too.  There are 1000’s of interests as well.

If you are looking to connect with Real Estate Investors in Kansas City or in other parts of the country, you might check out Meetup.  While you may not find a formally organized group that meets in your target area, you will often find a smaller meetup group that does.

And if you can’t find a group that is formal or on Meetup, for very little money you could organize a meetup group and start inviting people to a coffee meeting at the local McDonald’s and create your own meetup.

I encourage you to check out and to find the Meetup that MAREI hosts at the following link: