Are You A Real Estate Super Hero?


I am sure everyone has hit the box office over the last few years to catch one of the “Superhero” Films that have been coming out.

Being the nerd that I am I think everyone can gain a little bit of insight from all these comic book plots.

Every Investor can be a ‘super hero’ in their own right. Let’s break it down a little bit.

Much like the parade of super power packing protagonists we all see on the silver screen every successful investor shares most of the same basic moments in their career.

First, The Origin Story

Every Super Hero starts with one. It’s the part of the story about why the normal everyday person becomes the hero they are. Peter Parker stumbled into it, Clark Kent was born into it, and Bruce Banner wanted to better the world. The funny things is that I have heard stories from investors that parallel each one of these.

They inherited a house and learned how to rehab it, they came into the family business and learned from their own mistakes, or they just wanted a better paycheck, a better life for their families, or a new career.

Each and every investors has their own personal origin story unlike anyone else. Each varies a bit but it all comes down to one thing. The successful ones become a hero or they don’t.

Second, The Catalyst

After every good origin story a hero hits their catalyst. The challenge that forces them to be better, fight harder, or die trying.  When Superman met his arch nemesis Lex Luthor, he faced his greatest challenge. He had to conquer the one thing that made him powerless, Kryptonite.

We have all hit our catalyst, or are about to. Experienced investors never tell you the business is easy, each and every one will tell you they have had challenges. Even some that made them powerless. However much like a caped crusader they buckled down and faced it head on, their Kryptonite or not.

Then when the next challenge approached, regardless of the battle wound from the last, they carried on. Better and Strong because of it.

Third, Unbeatable Odds

In the progression of a super hero’s tale, they eventually face unbeatable odds. It will happen. They fight and fail, they try and don’t succeed. In that dark hour they call on their closest allies. Batman joined the Justice League, Captain America joined SHEILD and led the Avengers, and even The Wolverine fought alongside the X-Men.

Investors often do the same. When they can’t win or they don’t know what to do, they turn to the people who can help. They partner up and face the odds together. Here in Kansas City the Investors ‘Justice League’ is MAREI. A group of liked minded and goaled hero’s that aid in any way to help their fellow allies. I for one am proud to say I am a part of it.


I want to ask everyone to come and tell us your Origin Story, your Catalyst, and even about the Unbeatable Odds.

We are here to be your S.H.E.I.L.D., your Justice League, and even your “RE-Men” (Patent pending).

So who ever said Super Hero’s weren’t Real?  Because I happen to know a few.




Dustin Keller

Executive Director