Are you a “licensed” assistant to a Realtor to Gain MLS Access?

Are you a “licensed” assistant to a Realtor to Gain MLS Access?


This was posted on MLS today:

Agent Notice:  Beware of people attempting to “Pay for system Access”

We were recently made aware of a situation on Craigslist where an investor is seeking out a licensed REALTOR with Matrix access, offering compensation to an agent to sign him up for a Personal Assistant login under the agent’s account.  We have looked back and found some instances where this investor has worked with a few of our subscribers, however we cannot find that he has had his own login in the past to access Matrix.  A couple of the agents/brokers he’s worked with in the past are no longer in business and there is one currently that we are watching to make sure a PA access is not setup for him.

In the midst of all of this, please let us remind you that it is a rules violation to share your login with ANYONE. We have accounts like Personal Assistants for a reason, to assist YOU in your business, not for their own benefit.  As it is stated on the Personal Assistant form, a Personal Assistant is to use their access for the sole purpose of administrative duties that do not require a real estate license.  These administrative duties are to assist the agent, not for themselves.

Also in this situation, we would like to remind you to be careful when providing financial information to anyone, especially with people you are unfamiliar with.

And, thank you for being vigilant in discovering this situation and bringing it to our attention which will allow us to protect the integrity and security of the system and your profession.

-Heartland MLS Staff