Kansas City Missouri Rental Property Registration

Kansas City Missouri Rental & Vacant Property Registration Program


Rental Property & Vacant Property Owners are required by law to register their property with the city of Kansas City Misouri.

“This registry is an important tool for the city to help neighborhoods fight blight and negative factors affecting their community,” said Mayor Pro Tem and 1st District at-large Councilman Scott Wagner. “Knowing who the responsible parties are allows us to work toward solutions more quickly before problems get worse.”

What is the Rental Property Registration Program?

The Rental Registration and Inspection Program, established by city ordinance 10 years ago, requires rental property owners to register with the Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department by Jan. 31 each year. Registration can be completed online, but owners need to create a login before their rental property can be registered.

So just what is a rental property and what needs to be registered?

A rental dwelling is any property that contains a dwelling or rooming unit that is being offered for rent or is being rented or occupied by any person who is not the owner of the premises. However, property occupied by a child, grandchild, mother, father, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law or grandparent of the owner is not considered rental property. In addition, duplex dwellings in which one of the units is owner-occupied are not considered rental dwellings for the purposes of this program. Registration of rental properties is keyed to the ownership of each property; you may register several properties under one login as long as they are under one ownership.

Do I have to reregister?

Each property you own must be renewed each year, even if no information has changed!  Changes to a registration include the sale of a registered property, the acquisition of a non-registered property, and the acquisition of a property registered under a different owner. Occupied rental properties must be registered within 30 days of purchase. Vacant properties that become active rental properties must be renewed as rentals within 30 days of the tenant taking occupancy.

What if it’s not a rental?

While Vacant Property is not listed as a part of the amnesty program, it is still supposed to be registered as well.

Vacant property registration is now unified with rental property registration in a single system. All housing units within the City limits of Kansas City, Missouri which are not occupied by the owner must be registered with the City between December 1 and January 31 of each year (see definition below). There is no cost to register the property within that time frame, but it must be registered or renewed each year. A newly vacant property must be registered within 90 days of the change in status; the foreclosed property must be registered within 14 days. Vacant property which changes owners or becomes rented must be updated within 30 days.

So that means all Property owned by anyone be it an investment, a rental property, or just a home that some family member used to occupy but no longer does needs to register their property.  Period if no one lives there.  So if Mom or Dad passed, moved to an assisted living or if you just moved out of your house and have not sold it yet, you need to register it.

If you have a Rental that becomes vacant, if you change tenants, or if your Vacant property gets rented, you must update your registration information on the property.  If you sell the property, you must tell the new buyer that they need to register with in 30 days.

What if I don’t register my vacant or rental properties?

Failing to register/renew before Feb. 1 (or within the grace period allowed for changes of ownership/status) will result in a $50 late penalty. If any of your rental property is discovered by City inspectors to be unregistered, you may also receive an administrative citation of up to $200 under 56-375 for failing to register voluntarily; this penalty can cost $100 per property or more.

What is the “Inspection” part of this ordinance?

If you dig deep into the ordinance, you will find that they talk about a Certificate of Compliance Program that would require a valid rental certificate of compliance to be able to rent out a property.  The ordinance appears to be just inspecting that you are in compliance with all the paperwork, taxes etc, not actual inspections of the properties?

What if I have questions about the rental registration and vacant property registration in Kansas City?

Pearline McFall is assuming the newly-created position of rental property registration coordinator and she will enforce the current city ordinance. Failure to register rental property results in monthly fines and fees. Vacant rental property also has to be registered.

For more information, media can contact Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department Communications/Community Liaison John Baccala at 816-513-3202. Rental property owners needing assistance can contact Carla Finch at 816-513-9039.

What’s Next?

If you own property in Kansas City Missouri – vacant or rented, be sure to register it.  If you have already registerd, be sure to update your information if anything has changed.

The Mayor Pro-Tem, Scott Wagner, is also discussing a potential interior inspection ordinance, which is going to need up to date data to know who owns what.  The inspection ordinance is not set in stone and is still being discussed.

It is important to note here that across the country in many cities, that landlords and tenants are banding together to sue the city for 4th Amendment Violations created by mandatory inspection ordinances that require inspections without a warrant.  Most landlords and tenants are winning their cases.