Informational Page about the All Star Networking Event and how to take part as a Sponsor, Expert or Volunteer.

Click Here to Make Donation to pay for your Ad or Your Vendor Booth, then forward email receipt from Harvester’s to [email protected]

Event Details

  • What:  MAREI’s 3rd Annual All Star Networking to Benefit Harvester’s
  • When:  Tuesday July 11th from 6pm to 9pm
  • Where:  Holiday Inn at 8787 Reeder Road, Overland Park – Entire Main Ballroom
  • Entrance FEE:  All Attendees, Members and Non-Members asked to donate $5 to Harvesters

Harvester’s will be there to take cash at the door or credit cards (we hope).

Last years event saw 114 people in attendnce, this year we have 100 more members and our meetings are about 20% larger than last years meetings.

Our goal is 10,000 meals.

One Dollar donated provides 3 meals.  Every dollar donated between June 30th and the meeting, we have a corporate dollar for dollar match, which means for every Dollar donated Harvester’s can provide 6 meals.

Set up is in the main ballroom at the Holiday Inn almost double the size of our regular meetings.  Sponsor tables will be around the perimeter of the room.  Round tables with chairs will be scattered around the room as well as Tall tables – Experts will be assigned a seated or a standing table (their preference) with a sign on their topic so attendees can ask questions or experts can start a topic.  We will have cash bar and water as well as Hot Dogs and Chips.

We need sponsors and volunteers committed ASAP as having them listed on the event page, in flyers and in our social media post are one of our biggest tools for marketing the event.  So the sooner you committ the better, the more exposure you receive in return and the more marketing we can get out to promote the event.

Sponsors Needed:

While we are open to other suggestions for sponsors, we are primarily looking for people who offer products and services to the real estate industry or who offer small business products and servcies.

Vendor Table Sponsor:

  • Receive:  table on the perimeter in the main ballroom to set up their own marketing booth and bring in their sales team.
  • Receive:  listing in the Event Page  (click here to see the event page and examples)
  • Receive:  Post on Facebook thanking you for taking part (click to see example posts)  linked to your business page or website
  • Receive:  a Listing in the Business Directory Section flagged as a sponsor in the Event Prgram (click for last years program / click for recent newsletter example)
  • Cost to Sponsor:  $50 Donation to Harvester’s AND a $25 Door Prize

Printed Program Sponsors:

  • click for last years program / click for recent newsletter example
  • Full Page Ad or Advetorial $100
  • 1/2 Page Ad $50
  • 1/2 Page Ad $25
  • All Payments go to Harvesters

Experts Needed:

  • Receive: Tall Table or Seated Table to talk to attendees about your assigned topic or any other real estate topic you feel qualified to take on.
  • Display:  Experts can bring business cards with them, but to set up a marketing sign and booth, would need to also be a Sponsor – every effort will be made to place Expert’s table near their sponsor table.
  • Ideally:  We would have two unrelated people on the same topic to offer different perspective and to allow experts to take a break.
  • Receive:  listing in the Event Page  (click here to see the event page and examples)
  • Receive:  Post on Facebook thanking you for taking part (click to see example posts)
  • Receive:  Will be listed in the Event Program as an expert
  • May or may not auction off experts, if you would be willing to auction off a couple hours of your time with proceeds going to harvester’s please let us know, if you know of a good auctioneer who would like to join us for a live auction at 8:30, let us know.

Expert Topics to Fill:

While we are open to other topics, these are the topics we know we would like to fill:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Wholesaling
  3. Rehabbing
  4. Buy and Hold
  5. Managing Rentals
  6. Asset Protection
  7. Accounting and Tax Savings
  8. Note Investing
  9. Evictions
  10. Self Directed IRAs
  11. Creative Deal Structuring
  12. Mobile Home Investing

Volunteers Needed:

  • We need help in several areas to pull this event off
  • We need help checking people in at the event and assisting the Harvester’s volunteer with raffle tickets – all evening or in hour segments.
  • We need help setting up at 5pm on the 11th – probably 2 people.
  • We need help with the sound system all evening (at going forward at all meetings and events)
  • We need help with promoting this even – forwarding emails to people who might be interested in this even and forwarding social media posts
  • We need help with talking about the event at other live real estate investor events across the city as well as in online forums like Bigger Pockets.
  • We need help with securing Sponsors and Volunteers  – if you have time to make phone calls to help us get our sponsors and volunteers let us know.

To get set up for any of the above – please email [email protected], she is currently going to be traveling and at a national event until Monday June 19th, however, working a bit on this project very early morning and very late evening to get our initial sponsors and experts and volunteers signed up.