Advocacy in Action: Missouri’s Amendment 4

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Throughout the month of November we will be talking about MAREI Members getting up and TAKING Action to protect their country, their state and their industry.

One trade group that we really admire for all their efforts are the Realtors – they have Advocacy efforts at every level from the Federal Level with National Association of Realtors, to the State Levels with Missouri Realtors and Kansas Association of Realtors to our local association KCRAR.

They are in full out support of Amendment 4 in the State of Missouri and both the Missouri Realtors and KCRAR have asked us to reach out to our membership and ask them to vote for Amendment 4.

So we are asking all Real Estate Professionals to Go Vote on November 8th and to be sure to Vote Yes on Amendment 4.

Now don’t go blindly vote for Amendment 4, but read about it.

This is an amendment that would Protect Missouri from New Taxes on Services, like Hair Cuts, Shoe Repairs, Doctor Services, Attorney Fees, Accounting Fees, Real Estate Commissions, Home Repair and the list goes on.