Active Social Media Pages

Do you need to build a circle of influence fast?

A group to ask questions, share deals, hunt for potential private lenders, ask for referrals and more?

Why not tap into MAREI’s social media pages?

While you can take the time and effort to start your own social media group or fan page from your own solo efforts.  What if you had a group that already has a large following and combining your efforts with the other 400 MAREI members on the site.

What do I mean?  Well look at your LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook Group or Page.

How many friends or likes do you have?

How many people visit your page daily or weekly?

How do you get more people there – well you can’t just post sales pitches, you need to share relevant content – photos, videos, quotes, questions, answers, give and take.  And if you are promoting just your own all on your own, you end up quite often making your own post, commenting on your own post, liking your own post and basically networking with yourself.

Now if you were to go to the MAREI Facebook Group for example and make the same effort, you will find there are others who are doing the same who will comment on your photo of that ugly house.  Who will answer your question about the best place to buy bandit signs.  Who will like your short case study and join in the discussion.

So we invite you to join our social media pages based on the media that you like best:

On Facebook – check out our Group, make posts and invite your friends.

On LinkedIn:  check out our Group, share your insights

On Google +:  check out our Community

We hope you will find a social media resource in one of the above groups to help you grow and expand your business.