77 Year Old Landlady Fined Multiple Times: This could Be YOU!

“Testing refers to the use of individuals who, without any bonafide intent to rent or purchase a home, apartment, or other dwelling, pose as prospective buyers or renters of real estate for the purpose of gathering information, which may indicate whether a housing provider is complying with fair housing laws. The primary focus of the Section’s Fair Housing Testing Program has been to identify unlawful housing discrimination based on race, national origin, disability, or familial status.”
These testers are alive and well in Kansas City.

We want to bring your attention to the case of Helen Grybosky in Ohio, the testers went after her with a vengance.

She had an apartment for rent with “no pets”.  Tester showed up wanting to rent a a house with an undocumented service dog.  Helen said pets were not allowed, but did relent and say he could rent with an extra pet fee deposit.

They came back, with a family with children.  They came on an upstairs apartment with 1 bedroom, which she did not want to rent to them, but rather wanted them in the downstairs apartment so they would not be so noisy for the potential downstairs neighbors.

There were several other testers that hit her as well.  She was fined.

Rather than taking the time to educate her on how she was in violation of fair housing, which is questionable that she was, they went for the money.  Why, who knows . . . it seems these regulators need money and fining people makes money, educating people costs money.

She is not paying and is still in court fighting.  This could be a landmark case for Landlords Nationwide.

Take some time to read more about this case and to brush up on fair housing laws:

If you are not sure if you are violating Fair Housing or if a spy for HUD might be able to testify against you in a case that ends up costing you $11,000, consider attending the Kansas City Landlord Symposium on March 11th, we will be covering what Landlords need to know about dealing with and selecting tenants with guest talking about screening, Fair Housing and HUD and the law.  Click Here to learn about Symposium.