5 Ways to Build a Buyer’s List

Question Via Email:  We are just starting out in wholesaling. We are working hard on building our buyer’s list. My question is there anyway to access and see email addresses in the member’s directory. I see we can send emails to other members, but we don’t see the email addresses directly. We were wanting to reach out to other members and connect.

Photo by Lordjiew at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Photo by Lordjiew at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So the basic question is how to build our buyer’s list, right?

And when you start any new business it is so much easier to start if you have a ready made buyer’s list that you can market to.  We get a few people every year that only want to join the association for the sole purpose of obtaining an excel spreadsheet of all the contact names and email addresses.  Rest assured we don’t do that.

And just emailing everyone in the MAREI database or any database randomly with out a prior connection is considered spam and is not going to work anyway.

So we are back to how to build a buyers list?

As a Realtor that sold REO properties and a wholesaler that sells houses, my best way of building a buyer’s list is MARKETING!

1) Market a House:  Here in my office at KCInvest when ever we get a property to wholesale, we market the heck out of it.  And for every person that calls or emails we collect their name, phone and email and hopefully what they are looking for in a property so we can follow up with them and send them more properties.

So first we put the property on our website.  All MAREI members get a free starter website to market their own properties.  For every property listing we post on our website at www.KCInvest.com, we instruct people to be sure to sign up for our buyer’s list.  On your free starter website there is a place for people to register as a buyer.

Next we email the property out to our buyers list.  Note that people do forward emails on to other people.  So every email has a link and instructions for the reader to sign up for our buyer’s list if they are not already on it.

Next we take the link from the property posting on our website and we put it on social media.  We hit every Facebook Group, LinkedIn Group & Google Plus Community where real estate investors might be lurking and make a comment about the house, place the link which in turn pulls in information about the posting.

I believe there are tools in the free website MAREI provides to allow you to post to your own profiles on these social media pages.  Then take the next step and share this post from your profile to all these groups on the particular social media you may be on.

We also tweet the property out on our twitter feed.

And if you are just starting, I would recommend finding a way to get a list of people who have purchased a house for cash in the area in the past 6 months and send a post card about your house to the cash buyers – that again invites them to your website for more information and to please sign up on your buyer list.

Anyone on social media who has interest on the property will click to view and see your message about signing up on your buyers list.

People will also call us on the property – these are the best because we can talk to the person and collect their information, but be sure to enter the information into your database.

2) Market your Business: This is not going to be as effective as marketing a property.

The gurus will tell you to have a “squeeze page”  that offers a free report in exchange for a name and an email.  They tell you to use all of the above methods we use to market a house to market this “FREE REPORT”.  And I am here to tell you that the gurus are selling you a total load of crap.  Sure you will get a lot of names and emails into your database.  But your goal is to get a list of people who buy houses, not wanabe  investors who grab free reports off the internet.

So how do you market your business.  Well spending some time on your website is a good start.  Having your website on your signature line, your business cards, and anywhere and everywhere you might have a profile or a page:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, BiggerPockets, Connected Investor and all the other online real estate investor sites.

3) Networking Online: Seek out groups where investor buyers in your area might be – for example all of the different groups that MAREI maintains (linked from the upper right hand corner of the site).  Start discussions, take part in discussions, ask questions and all around get people to notice that you are there – not with ads, but with discussions.

So you might take some time creating a LinkedIn Profile that makes sure people know you buy and sell houses.  Then find groups that pertain to Real Estate and the Kansas City area.  Then go to town asking intelligent questions, sharing information you might have learned, taking part in discussions.  As you join groups and see people you want to connect with, you can then friend them based on you both being in the same group – no emails needed.

4) Networking Live:  Seek out live meetings where real estate investor buyers might be.  So the MAREI meeting and other real estate meetup groups are good.  If some big wholesaler in town has house that is open – go visit.  Example here:  Our company had a high end home that we were wholesaling and we held a 2 hour open house.  There were 40 investor buyers who walked through.  These were real buyers that were begging for houses.  These people came from our email  being forwarded, social media and social media being shared.  We collected all their contact information and added them to our buyers list.

5) Working the Phone:  The guru’s teach this and I am not sure how effective it is.  Research who all the home buyers might be from the internet, newspaper, bandit signs, cards you get at meetings.  Call the people up and ask them if they would like to be on your buyers list and find out what it is that they buy.

Figure out a way to obtain a cash buyers list which often has a lot of phone numbers and call them.  If landlords might be your target market, go to where rental properties are advertised and call the property owners.

And if all else fails, I guess you could log in as a member and look up each member individually and send them a message.  Rest assured it will go to their email inbox and they can contact you back if they are interested, then you will have their email address and phone number.