4th Amendent Violations Coming to a City Near You!

NOT a Real Estate Investor? So the city of Independence mandating interior inspections on rental property is NOT YOUR PROBLEM . . . It could be. In this video below in a state where the cities started with interior rental inspections have moved up to requiring an INTERIOR INSPECTION by city inspectors that must meet standards BEFORE ANYONE CAN SELL THEIR HOUSE.

Imagine your house, or maybe a friends house or a family members house . . . that’s not quite perfect. They have saved up money so they can buy a new house and sell the old one that really needs completely painted on the inside, needs some new carpet and could really use a new furnace They have a ready, willing and able buyer all lined up who is getting a great fixer upper deal. BUT WAIT, you, your friend or your family member didn’t pass inspection and they must take their hard saved up money to paint the interior, replace the carpet and replace the furnace, now they have no down payment money and now they can’t buy their new house.
If we let them start with inspecting the interiors of rental houses in Kansas and Missouri . . . it can and probably will grow to all houses being RENTED, PURCHASED OR SOLD.
IMAGINE a world where like this . . . so next time you see me posting and asking you to help us do something about interior rental inspections, well just think, today its just renters who are getting their 4th Amendment Rights Violated – and I am sure that every one reading this has been a renter, still is or will be a renter again . . .next year it might be your rights.