12 Days of Christmas

12 days of Real Estate Investing Chrismas

As a Great Big Thank you to all of our members, we have gone through our Member Library and some of our own personal research to assemble 12 different guides to Real Estate Investing.  Each contains links to materials already in the MAREI Member Library as well as links to resources on third party sites that we think you might find helpful in your real estate investing business in 2016.

To access the real estate training guides, first you need to log into www.MAREIMember.com using your user name and password.   Once you are logged in, you can then navigate to https://www.mareimember.com/Page.aspx?ID=REI-Guides  for today’s Guide and the Guides from Previous Days.

Day 1:  Real Estate Investing Guide to Wholesaling: Includes several books and ebooks on the topic as well as several videos, a bunch of forms and documents as well as a link for a free trial of RealEFlow, which by the way has even more training resources and a FREE Training Course from Larry Goins.

Day 2:  Real Estate Investing Guide to Rehabbing:
Includes a ton of videos from one of the nations top experts on buying, rehabbing and selling houses.  As resources from local hard money lenders on the topic, and 2 different resources for repair estimate costs for 2015.

Day 3:  Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Life
An introduction to the Lifeonaire concept including the Four Stages of Financial Prosperity.

Day 4:  Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Credit
Learn the mistakes not to make with your credit and how to master the credit bureaus to master your credit score.

Day 5:  Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Creative Real Estate Investing
Learn how to buy houses with little to no money by using creative strategies.  Includes Webinars, Scripts and even one $1 Trial Course.

Day 6:  Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Wealth
This one includes 2 FREE Books (The Banker’s Code and the Wealthy Code) plus a webinar explaining how to generate consistent passive income more safely . . . and with a lot less work.

Day 7:  Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Private Lending
Learn the ins and outs of Private Lending from the both the borrower and the lender’s perspective in this 4 page package of resources.

Day 8:  Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Note Investing
Learn from the nations experts what it means to be a note investor.  Buying and selling notes at a discount to collect cash flow.

Day 9:  Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Marketing
Learn the best ways to market for motivated sellers as well as a complete training course for marketing any small business online.

Day 10:  Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Self Directed IRAs
Get an introduction to Self Directed IRA’s and find out how the nations leading investors build their retirement tax free.

Day 11:  Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Landlording
Rules, Regulations, Forms & Documents, plus educational resources for the new Landlord.

Day 12:  Real Estate Investor’s Guide to a Grab Bag of Topics
These are topics that we may have covered, but found after the original 11 guides were completed, or are just topics that did not fit anywhere else.  We have several concept books on success plus all of the Real Estate Books we have already shared, plus a bunch of interviews with some very successful real estate investors plus more.  This one is packed with information.

If you are not yet a member we have memberships starting at $12 a month up to $99 a year and you can click here to join.