8 Steps to a Better 2015 by Utilizing all the Tools at MAREI

With a membership as large and diverse as we have here at Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors, it is very easy to get paralyzed by the amount of information available from the meetings, in the library, on the blog and on all the social media groups that MAREI supports.  There is a lot of stuff that you can utilize and it’s hard to figure out where to turn.

With that in mind, I want to show you the new member at MAREI . . . . or possibly a long time member a 10 step strategy to get the most out of your membership dollar and quite possibly help you put together a few deals in the process.  Why just search and search and not know what to do when you can take action to connect with not only information you need but others in the community that can help you start putting deals together or maybe do more deals.  In mine own office we were a team of two for many years, but when we started partnering with other people, we started doing a lot more deals.

So for everyone wanting to know where to go and what to do, here are

Photo by imagerymajestic on FreeDigitalPhotos.net.
Photo by imagerymajestic on FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

8 Steps to a Better 2015 by Utilizing all the Tools at MAREI

1. You Have to Participate

This is pretty much a given, but . . .

Everyday I participate in Social Networks online to see 2000 members in the group with 20 people posting information, 2 people actively commenting and participating.  Guess what, the two people participating, well me and the other guy are putting deals together, the other 1898 people are just watching.

The MAREI meeting seems to go the in a similar fashion.  Out of 400 members, about 80 show up at the meeting along with 20 to 30 potential new members.  Out of those 80 about 30 actively talk with each other and interact during the networking.  The other 70 or so, find their friend and catch up on old times, but don’t really discuss real estate or business.  Take note that those 30 Active People are the movers and the shakers at the group and the 3 people that are cornered by a group of 10 people, those 3 people are doing deals and the surrounding group wants to learn from them.

So online, go to the Blog Page on the MAREI site or any of the Social Media Pages MAREI Supports on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus or Follow us on Twitter (the links are all up at the top in the right hand corner.  Ask questions, answer other questions, make comments and observations.  Not only will you become more visible to your fellow (fellowet?? – I don’t know) member, you will gain knowledge and credibility and might become the go to person in your niche.

2. Meet with Local People for Coffee or Lunch

Well you want to meet with some of the bigger players at the meeting.  Now as you know we meet only once a month to network for an hour, however attending a workshop or seminar offers even more options for networking as we often go out for “Happy Hour” after an event, but you have to be at the event to find out about the “Happy Hour”.  We also have several members that host their own private networking groups, so find out about those and attend as well.

So how do you “meet” or figure out who the players are?  Well at a live meeting there is usually one or two people who are mobbed by everyone in the room, these are the people who are putting themselves out there to share their knowledge.  You want to talk to them, maybe meet them for lunch and chat about real estate.  Ask them questions and ask them who they might recommend you meet.

You will also find the shy, quiet person in the room.  Strike up a conversation with them.  Quite often the quietest person in the corner knows a lot but are too shy to share, seek them out and find out what they do, they may be your new best friend and have a ton of knowledge in putting together deals and could be a good future partner or sounding board.

And ask them about deals.  Most of them will have a deal for you.  Be sure to check out the deal, just like you would any other deal.  However, sometimes the movers and shakers have some great deals, that the end up selling outside of the group.  Why?  Well I have not figured that one out yet.

3. Get Involved in the Monthly Meeting

Now I meet a lot of people who are too shy to put themselves out there live . . . so there is always online.  But to connect with people live, you might try volunteering to help at the Monthly Meetings.  For example you could offer to help with set up and take down, you will find that some of the movers and shakers arrive early and stay late, and helping to pack and unpack gives you time to talk with them.  Or if you want to meet more people, volunteer to help with check in and then you get to meet EVERYONE who comes through the door.  No you don’t have a ton of time to talk with them, but you can talk with everyone briefly as they check in and just by being behind the check in table, you gain some of your own notarity.

4. Activate your FREE Website

Using your free website you can market any properties you might have and it’s a great way to get your properties not only on the MAREI website, but also in the MAREI Twitter Feed as well as MAREI’s Facebook Page and Group  AND   Plus you can always ask them on every listing to be sure to register as a buyer on your website.

5. Build a Buyers List

MAREI is a great place to meet buyers of houses.  At the meetings and workshops as you network, take the time to talk to people, find out what they buy, collect their card and add them to your list.  Browse the social media pages, blog posts and properties for sale on the various MAREI pages, contact everyone and find out what they do and if they buy and if you can add them to your list.

And as we mentioned above, activate your free website and ask people to register as a buyer.

6. BLOG!

If you already have an active blog, great.  Share a few articles with us at MAREI from time to time to include in our blog and share your best posts on our social media sites.  Not a blogger and don’t want to maintain one, you have a bunch of options, share a great case study on your latest deal, have a great live discussion about a topic with a few people, turn it into an article.  Then share that article with MAREI to post on the MAREI blog or use your LinkedIn and Facebook Profiles as your blog and post there, then share your post with the various real estate groups on that social media platform, including the MAREI group.

7. Expose Yourself

No not that way!  By putting yourself out there live at meetings, sharing your time, connecting on social media or how ever you are participating you get in front of people and then the deals come.

Some examples, you know I always have something new online somewhere and I am in front of the room at MAREI a lot.  Way back in 2008 and 2009 when the banks stopped lending and we were having problems finding money to buy deals or worse finding buyers to buy deals, we had a person walk into our office who said he had been watching our business grow for several years and could he bring his money into our business and partner with us to go find, buy, rehab and sell the deals.  All because we were in front of the room.

Other deals that have came because people put themselves out there.  I refer all my mobile home deals to one person and have even lent him money to do a few deals . . . he presented at MAREI many years ago on mobile home investing.  Another person who shares how she creatively puts deals together and works primarily in eastern Jackson County . . all of her deals are pretty much word of mouth from people referring her deals. Another investor I met at MAREI does high end rehabs, so all my wholesales that fit his criteria are sent to him before I send them to anyone else.

So all of these deals are all because we all were willing to Expose Just a bit of our knowledge and personal information with others.

8. Pick Up the Phone

It’s great to meet everyone at the meetings or online, but nothing beats a live conversation.  Pick up the phone and make some phone calls.

I had one investor I met that way.  He know who I was and called one day to see what I had for sale.  He needed to “buy 5 houses in the next month”.  I said “yea, right!” But I sent him my list of REO properties and he bought 2.  He called again in a couple of months and bought 2 more.  All in all I probably sold him 20 houses in a couple of years, all because I put myself out there and he picked up the phone to follow up.  This was his only form of finding deals, calling everyone he knew until he had the houses he wanted.

There you have it — 8 ways to make the most out of your time at MAREI and to have a much more profitable  2015!

What are your best tricks and tips?

Feel free to comment below as to how YOU are using MAREI to grow your business in 2015!

Kim Tucker is a local real estate investor who along with her family at KCInvest buys and wholesales local houses, notes both performing and non-performing.  If you would like to be on her buyer’s list, be sure to visit KCInvest.com and register as a buyer.  Or give KCInvest a call to find out how they can buy from you or provide you with houses.

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  1. by working the check in desk for the past 3 years I have came in contact with just about every MAREI member. I have used those connections to sell several of my listings to people at the meetings and have used those contacts to get several great listings over the years as well.

  2. We really like meeting all the new people through networking. We have met people who referred us deals because they were in over their heads. We have had people partner with us on deals. We have talked to others and implemented ideas.

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