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    Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is a trade association for real estate professionals. We work together to build a strong community of educated members who provide housing for the greater Kansas City Metro using solid, honest and ethical business practices.

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  • Full Day Seminar

    New government regulations have forever changed today’s real estate market. The repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, and the implementation of the Dodd-Frank and SAFE Acts have forced lenders, buyers and investors to adjust. Old Methods are failing.

    Join us at this full day workshop to learn the New Way to Invest in Real Estate . . .

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  • MAREI February Monthly Meeting

    When lying on his deathbed, John Jacob Astor, the real estate mogul and first multi-millionaire in American history was asked what he would have done differently. He said he would have bought more!

    Join us to learn "How (and Why) to Buy and Hold Real Estate with Special Guests Andrew, Phillip and Bill Syrios with Stewardship Properties.

  • Full Day Seminar...

    There has never been a better way yet discovered to become independently wealthy than buying and holding real estate. But looking at it from the outside can quickly become overwhelming. After all, there are a lot of moving parts that all have to fit together.

    The Syrios Family with Stewardship Properties have been buying and holding since 1980 and have figured out how to fit the puzzle together. They are going to cover several key aspects of Buying and Holding based on their own experiences.

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    Meet fellow real estate investors, landlords, flippers, service providers and others in the industry at our networking and educational events through our online resources.  Visit our Calendar of Events to find out the latest events from MAREI and throughout the Real Estate Investment Community.

    We would love to have you join us to network, learn and protect our industry

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A Trade Association for Real Estate Professionals!

For landlords, wholesalers, rehabbers, note sellers, multifamily investors, exchangers or anyone else who use real estate as a way to build wealth.  We welcome full time investors as well as those just getting started or people who provide a product or service to the industry.

With something for everyone from beginner to pro!

The experienced real estate professional will find the support they need stay informed of the issues and tools to take action.  The new investor will find the education they need to get started and the products, services and connections to build profitable businesses.  The product or service provider that caters to the real estate industry will find active professionals who need their services.  And everyone benefits from our community, from live meetings and events to our very vibrant social media destinations.  Please join us . . . . 

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