• MAREI Meeting: Common Title Issues with Alpha & Accurate Tuesday August 8th @6pm
    Tues, August 8th @6:00 PM – Holiday Inn, 8787 Reeder Road, Overland Park, KS 

    MAREI Meeting:
    Common Title Issues

    With the Teams from Alpha andAccurate Title
    MAREI Members & First Time Guests Can Attend at No Charge when Pre-Registered.  Guests Pay $15 Online or $25 at the Door. Register Now!

    Join us at the August MAREI meeting on Tuesday the 8th at 6pm at the Holiday Inn and Suites located at 8787 Reeder Road with the Teams from Accurate Title and Alpha Titleas they show you how to have a successful transaction at closing.  It’s not always as simple as shipping your contract to the title company and showing up few days or weeks later to close.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes that the investor needs to know and understand so they can assist in a smooth transaction.

    Join us to find out

    •  Why we actually need a title policy when we buy property
    •  The basic steps to closing an investor purchase in Kansas & Missouri
    • When you need a Notice of Intent to Sell in Missouri
    • The documentation you will need when buying or selling in a Corporate Entity.

    And the Common Issues that come up including

    • What happens when the seller is incompetant or incapacitated and can’t sign for themselves.
    • What happens when the seller is deceased, who can sell the house and when.
    • How to deal with County Tax Liens and other Liens placed on the property by the county.
    • How to deal with a State or Federal Tax Lien placed on the property by the taxing authority.
    • What to watch  for when buying a property at a foreclosure auction, so you can resell it.
    • And last, when you buy a property at a tax sale, what you need to do to have a clean and marketable title.

    Because we are talking about isues that come up at closing, we have bit of homework for you if you don’t quite know how a closing transaction works.  If you have never purchased or sold a home, or have not completed enough transactions to be comfortable with a standard, no issue closing, Dave Green with Accurate Title worked with MAREI to record a webinar that covers the basic transaction from the signing of the contract to the closing of the sale  You can access this webinar by clicking here.

    And because MAREI members are out there marketing for motivated sellers that have all kinds of issues personally that can affect the closing or in the title of their property that can affect their home, we are working on an all day workshop for those that want to dig deeper into problems.  Workshop to be on Saturday August 19th.

    Meeting Agenda*

    • 5:30PM:  PreMeeting for Member’s Only – topic to be determined
    • 6:00PM: Networking and Vendor Hall
    • 7:00PM: Announcements
    • 7:20PM: Main Presentation with Alpha and Accurate Title
    • 8:45PM: Q & A
    • 9:00PM:  Final Networking & Sign up for Workshop on the 19th
    • 9:15PM:  Meeting after the meeting in the Green Mill  (grill closes at 10pm, so order food early)

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  • MAREI Workshop: Problem Solvers, How the Title Company is the Most Vital Asset of the Real Estate Investor – Saturday August 19th
    Saturday, August 19th @9:00 AM – Johnson County Community College

    MAREI Workshop:
    Real World Transactions

    Learn How the Title Company Plays a Vital Role in Your Investing Business by heping you Uncover and Solve Problems.
    Special Pricing through August 9th  MAREI Members $39, Non-Members $69  Add a Guest for $20
    Register Now!  Regular Price $79 for Members and $109 for Non-Members

    Have you ever heard that in real estate you make your money when you buy the property?

    You make your money by finding motivated sellers who need to sell their property, but have problems that they are not quite equipped to solve.  Often-times those problems are related to the fix up of the home.  Other times those issues revolve around the title of the property or issues that revolve around the sellers themselves.

    We are inviting in several local real estate professionals to help walk you through some typical motivated seller transactions so that the next time they come up you are prepared to do the deal and know where to go.

    We have a lot of topics to cover in a very short period of time, but all are vital topics so that you are prepared when they happen.

    Topics we plan to explore:

    • What exactly is it does the Title Company do and how can they help you in your business, its more than just title insurance and closing statements.
    • There are some variances between buying a house in Kansas vs Missouri, and what you need to know before your first closing.
    • It’s important to note how to take title if you are an individual, two partners or a corporate entity, come find out which is best for you.
    • The form of deed to the property you receive is often dictated by who the seller is. Find out what deed is the most common, what kind of deed you want and where the Quit Claim fits in all fo this.
    • Some of the best deals come from deceased sellers. Knowing how the heirs can go about selling you the property is vital when talking to motivated sellers.
    • If the home must go through probate, do you know the basic probate process so you can point your seller’s in the right direction.
    • Often Investors will assign their position in a contract and never take title, learn what that process looks like when you close.
    • What is a Double Closing and why do most title companies refuse to do them in 2017 and how can you still do the deal when you have no money.
    • Some sellers have great mortgages in place that you want to take over subject to, find out how a typical transaction would look in this situation.
    • If you are buying houses at a tax sale or at a foreclosure auction, learn the title issues you need to be prepared to deal with after you by the house.
    • What if your sellers are in Divorce or Bankruptcy, find out what issues come up at closing that you need to be prepared to work through.
    • Lastly, do you know what happens when the Title Insurance actually has to kick in and pay out. Find out what happens when the deal goes south.

    This all-day workshop is being taught by local real estate investors, title company staff and possibly an attorney or two.  If you are investing in the most profitable deals, one of these issues is likely to come up sooner rather than later and quite possibly several of them on one transaction.  Your title company is prepared to help you work through most of these issues, but sometimes you might need to step in to help facilitate a solution.

    This workshop is designed to be taken with the two other training events MAREI is offering in August. Start with our On Demand Webinar to find out how to take a sale transaction from Contract to Close. Then join us August 8th at the MAREI Meeting to learn the Most Common Title Problems Investors Face. And for those that are working on the most profitable deals by solving problems, join us at this workshop on the 19th to dig deeper into how the title company can help you put a transaction together, uncover poblems and solve them.

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  • MAREI Webinar: From Contract to Close, the Title Company’s Perspective – a Replay
    On Demand Webinar

    From Contract to Close 

    95% of Questions for the Title Company is how to Get the Transaction Closed
    On Demand Webinar
     This webinar is FREE for everyone, only cost is your Name & Email Address

    Dave Green Shared with us that 95% of the questions he receives at the title company are in regards to the basics, how do you take your written contract through the steps to get it closed.  He joined us on a webinar in fall of 2016 and we are sharing a replay with you here on the basics.

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